This is a bridge to cross, a travel blog crossing to other destinations: contemporary literature, art and history. That would be Renaissance art history, and news and trivia and images that speak toward a meeting of the present cultural wanderer with some troubadour of the past at mid span.

Oh, my name is Roy Scarbrough. This is my personal blog,

About me: I am a lot things. I do journalism. I do freelance writing. I’ve written content for several travel books. I do photo-journalism and artsy pictures. The journalism is one of the things I have made my living off and on over the years. I’ve worked for little newspapers, and big newspapers. I also write some fiction inspired by real-life happenings, and non-fiction inspired by fiction. I talk about art and literature, and the Italian Renaissance. I ask questions of the experts and semi-famous, and try to get answers. I walk around Florence and Rome when I can.

These days, I drive forklifts in Oregon when I’m not in Italy.