The dog and the beast

The dog in this 15th Century German text appears worried as he looks up plaintively to the man holding his leash. He is among some people who are worshiping the beast. The image is part of one of 36 painted miniatures contained in this book illustrating the apocalypse. The dog seems to know something is not quite right here. Unfortunately for him, being on the leash prevents him from doing much about it.

The book is part of the manuscript collection of the New York Public Library. More information here


2 responses to “The dog and the beast

  1. Roy, I don’t know if you’ve seen the pictures of Marines in Iraq cuddling war dogs in pictures? I guess Iraq is covered in dogs. Some of those pups have a very similar expression on their faces.

    • Helen, I guess I should take a good look at those pictures. That’s a fascinating connection you’ve made between something that is taking place in our lifetimes and something an artist captured centuries ago while illustrating a book. I guess every age has its horrific events, provoking similar expressions on the faces of people and their dogs.

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