Remembering San Sepolcro

I was the recipient of the kindness of twelve strangers when I was close to losing everything…

Or so goes the line that appears in some prosy writing  of mine that appears in the Italian travel blog, Tuscany Arts.

I was going to try to rewrite the piece to explain what  I meant by  “close to loosing everything.”  To editor  Alexandra Korey’s credit and her capacity to “see beyond the visual,”  however,  we are taking poetic license with ambiguity.  We’re leaving it to the readers to discover what that could mean as they ponder the possibilities in store for them in taking the time  to achieve some intimacy with the places  where one travels.

I still mean to explain. There is really too much about San Sepolcro to let it go as easily as that.

I’ve  explained some of that in the post “remembering san sepolcro, part 2”.


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